Train Like A Dancer

Jasmin has a diploma as professional Dancer & Dance Teacher and she is also a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach offering:
- Personal Training (fitness only or combine with Dance)
- Group or Privat Dance classes
- Dance Workout Classes ( dance-cardio combined with strengthening exercises)
- Nutrition Coaching


Coaching &  Personal Training

Learn from the Best

Jasmin Ottenburg sees training not only as profession but also a lifelong passion that can be harnessed to make a meaningful difference. Knowing at a young age wanting to enter the entertainment industry, she went through negative body Images. She had fast weight loss and gain until she began viewing training as a healthy way to help herself to be more confident and learn to understand how to train her body to what she wants to look like. Today she wants to help others reaching their own personal goals and being happy and healthy in their own Skin. Interested in your own personal training that is focused on your own needs? Get in touch now for more information and to book your first session,


Dance Classes

Healing Through Dance

Jasmin Ottenburg has been a professional performer & Teacher in the industry since 2010, and has amassed a diverse range of skills and techniques in the process. If you choose this service today, you’ll discover the difference quality coaching makes on your growth as a performer. As an artist like you, they understand the experience and talent necessary to make it big in the industry.
Everyone is welcome in Jasmin's classes, also if you just dance for enjoyment. Remember everyone has a different level and it's the teachers job to guide you too become better. Interested in this service? Schedule your first class today.



Impress Your Audience

As a professional performer, Jasmin Ottenburg has garnered many years of experience. Brainstorming creative, new ideas with clients and collaborators, and then using previous skill-based knowledge and professional experience to create a breathtaking performance, Jasmin Ottenburg has a reputation for providing leading choreography for every client. Get in touch today for bookings as Choreographer or Performer.